Football Kit

Kids and adults football kit is an essential part of the beautiful game and with thousands of teams up and down the land training and playing week in, week out, plus supporters and fans of the teams all around the world, there’s a very healthy market for football shirts and football kits.

Fan football kit is an ever popular way for football fans to show their love of the game and their favourite teams. These are some of the most popular fan football kit items in the UK that fans across the country love to buy:

England Football Shirt

The iconic football kit for lovers of football in England, where football has perhaps its most loyal support. The England football shirt is worn with pride by fans at home and on tour, with many variations from current England shirts to retro England shirts available online including personalised tops, player name and number tops and fan designs.

England Kit

England kit is ubiquitous with its white and red tops, blue and white shorts depending on whether it’s home or away kit. Modern examples also include pink for girls and blue for away kit designs too, with kids, mens and womens England kit available in official licensed, personalised and stylised designs.

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Retro Football Shirt

Retro football shirts are very popular amongst fans and for good reason. So many great football shirts have been designed over the years, some that just look fantastic and others that carry prestige and are tied to significant victories, such as the World Cup of 1966, the defining football kit of the modern era, or the Euro 96 England Shirt, which became legendary.

Not limited to national pride however, many of our fondest football memories are tied to retro football shirts and there are loads available to choose from. You can find your favourite retro football shirt online and wear your colours with pride using our quick link on the button below:

Team Football Kits

Proud fans love to wear their team football kits and among the most popular thanks to global sales are some of the worlds biggest clubs. Many foreign teams have huge fanbases in the UK and likewise, many of our bigger clubs have huge worldwide following, making sales of team football kit a global business. Even some of the smaller niche clubs have kit sales that far exceed their stature these days as they produce some of the most sought after designs in a bid to make more money from merch sales and keep their heads above water in the ever more competitive world of professional football.

Featured Kit: PSG Kit

Liverpool kit is one of the most popular which is no surprise as they are one of our biggest clubs. In past seasons people always searched for Man Utd kits as the dominant force but these days it has diversified a bit with clubs like Arsenal, Ajax, PSG and Chelsea becoming very popular amongst football fans.

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