Kit Bag

A kit bag is any bag designed to carry kit around in. Kit can have multiple meanings but normally in this context it’s referring to either sports kit or travel kit. Of course there are other types of kit bag such as a first aid kit bag, but these are your most common and the ones we cover here are the main kit bags you’d find on the market for any of today’s activities.

Kit Bag Types

These kit bag types are ever popular and are great ways to keep your kit organised for a variety of sports, trips and activities. Discover a range of great kit bag ideas for your next event or trip below:

Duffel Bag

Your typical kit bag that springs to mind is a sports duffel bag. The duffel bag is the iconic sports bag and is a staple of sports around the world. Taking the form of a rectangle or cylinder with handles wrapped around the sides that join at the top with a fastener if required, these fabric or leather kit bags offer great storage for sports kit and range in size from small gym bags to 90l team kit bags with lots of options in between.

Mens Toiletry Bag

It used to be taboo but these days a mens toiletry bag is an ideal way to look good and keep your essential male grooming items organised. A lightweight and stylish kit bag designed around keeping your toiletries, razors, combs and dental care products organised, there are a wealth of mens toiletry bag options to choose from on the market today that will give you great value and style.

Types of toiletry bags:

There are many different kinds including large toiletry bags, travel toiletry bag, small toiletry bags and mens/women’s’ toiletry bags. We’ll cover a few here and if you use this as a jump off point to follow the links you’ll find plenty to choose from:

Mens leather toiletry bags

An essential kit bag for mens toiletries for the fashion conscious, discerning shopper. Mens leather toiletry bags offer a sophisticated look with a quality feel and an upmarket sense of taste. Leather has always been popular for kit bags and mens toiletry bags are no different. Discover a range of mens toiletry bag ideas below or visit Amazon to find some more great ideas:

Compartmented toiletry bag

It’s worth mentioning compartmented toiletry bags because although they span a wide range of other categories, not all come with compartments and it’s useful to know that when you’re starting your toiletries kit bag search. Compartmented toiletry bags give you a little greater flexibility if you’re going to be needing to separate items out or want to keep things neat.

Hanging toiletry bags

Mens hanging toiletry bags are ideal for travel and storage in tight spaces. Ranging in size from small hanging toiletry bags to larger travel style bags, the hanging toiletry bags on the market offer something for every situation. Like the above example, they are cross-category so you’ll find some leather, some fabric, some with compartments and some without, so if you’re looking for toiletry bags, need something that hangs up, here is an ideal start to your kit bag search:

Toiletry Bag for Women

Toiletry bag for women have always been very stylish. No surprise since make-up and hygiene has been as much a fashion statement as it has been about pampering for centuries. Women know that style is an important part of both fashion and pampering oneself, which is why it’s no surprise that a kit bag like a toiletry bag for women would be a fashion statement in itself. They’re much better at this sort of thing than us lads.

Bugout Bag

The bugout bag (or bug-out bag) is less known but no less sought after by those who are interested in one. Often taking the form of a tactical, military style bag, backpack or shoulder bag, similar to those used in combat scenarios, a bugout bag is also known as a go-bag. It is primarily used for items you’d want to keep ready in an emergency if you need to ‘bugout’ or evacuate quickly.

Police Kit Bag

Heavy duty bags with rip proof fabric and lots of pouches and compartments, police kit bag is very similar to a tactical military bag except it is usually black in colour. Functionally the police kit bag is more or less the same as a tactical military bag, including a variety of configurations from duffel to backpack to grab bag styles. A MOLLE system of pouch attachment is often used as a way to expand the police kit bag capacity temporarily with add-on pouches that attach via fabric loop, making them more versatile.

Whatever kit you’re carting about, there should be something here for every taste. Keeping your sports, travel or tactical gear in good order is important and these options will certainly help you do that.