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Small, medium and large rectangular planters (or square ones!) made from various grades and types of timber to fit different budgets, situations and/or styles.


  • Sleepers: Treated softwood or oak sleepers for chunky, solid and larger planters that are designed to be fixed in place.
  • Decking: Softwood, hardwood or composite decking boards are cut and joined to form planters in a variety of widths and heights.
  • Boards: Scaffold boards or 150mm treated softwood boards joined to form planters of box or rectangle shape in a variety of sizes.


Different finishes are available. If you prefer your wood to look like wood, or if you have a colour in mind, we can provide dyes, paints and treatments to produce great results, including a mix of colour and protection to ensure longevity if required. Alternatively, we can leave the product unfinished for you to sort out yourself if you’re so inclined.

Why choose wooden planters for your patio or garden?

When it comes to decorating your home, you’ll find an endless amount of ways to make your space stand out. But while most people tend to focus on things like lighting, furniture, and wall art, there are plenty of smaller details that can add a lot of character as well.

For example, one way to instantly make your house or flat feel more cozy is by adding some plants.

Gardens are an excellent way to bring life and colour into your life. They reduce stress in your life.

But what if you don’t have that much space or time to maintain a garden? You’re not alone; many people struggle with maintaining gardens because of their busy schedules and other commitments.

That’s why we started making planters. They’re a perfect addition to add style to the patio and bring a little bit of nature into your life without taking up too much space or time.

They’re an ideal choice for adding colour to a patio, a wall or fenced area and they won’t break the bank, leaving you more to kit them out with some nice lush greenery to brighten the place up.

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